Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts Continue in Greenwood Community

Teams of Scientology Volunteer Ministers clear away collapsed trees and broken tree limbs from Clearwater streets and throughout the Greenwood neighborhood.

Volunteer Relief Efforts Continue Through East Gateway in Clearwater

The relentless efforts of Scientology Volunteer Ministers carry forward as they expand into the East Gateway district in Clearwater—removing fallen trees, helping repair collapsed roofs and cleaning up the streets to bring our city back to normal.

Victims of Hurricane Irma are Getting Help from the Church of Scientology

As Scientology Volunteer Ministers carried out relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, including a massive barbeque for the Greenwood Community, WFLA News Channel 8 covers the story.

More Than 1,700 Hot Meals Served in Greenwood Community Hurricane Relief

Scientology Volunteer Ministers carry out a massive barbeque for the Greenwood Community in the wake of Hurricane Irma. More than 1,700 hot meals are served and more than 3,000 bags of ice are distributed to households throughout the neighborhood.

Hurricane Irma Cleanup at Clearwater’s Cherry Harris Park and Throughout Greenwood

Volunteer Minister cleanup efforts expand into Cherry Harris Park in the Greenwood Community, clearing away debris and wreckage in the aftermath of Irma.

Barbeque, Water, Ice and Supplies Greet the Greenwood Community

The Greenwood community is relieved by the outreach efforts of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, providing their first hot food in days—as well as ice and fresh water—in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Pinellas Hope Shelter Gets Cleanup and Supplies

A team of Volunteer Ministers arrive to Pinellas County Hope shelter, brought much needed essentials and assisted in the clean up of the grounds, in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Moving from Clearwater Beach to Mandalay Park, Cleanup Efforts Continue

Scientology Volunteer Ministers descended upon Mandalay Park after extensive cleanup efforts on Clearwater Beach, to help bring the city back to normal.

Volunteers Assist in Morton Plant Hospital Cleanup Post Hurricane Irma

Volunteer Ministers help hospital staff clean up the Morton Plant Hospital parking lot after it was littered with leaves, fallen branches and moss from Hurricane Irma.

Volunteers Bring Help and Recovery to the Greenwood Community

Arriving at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, Scientology Volunteer Ministers carried out cleanup and provided ice and necessities to the Greenwood community after Hurricane Irma.

Clearwater Cleanup from Pinellas County Courthouse to the Beach

Scientology Volunteer Ministers spread out further in their clean up efforts throughout Clearwater, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The Cleanup Efforts Continue to Re-Beautify Clearwater

Downtown Clearwater’s Coachman Park is cleaned up through the efforts of Scientology Volunteer Ministers after Hurricane Irma swept through.

Clearwater Beach Cleanup Underway Post Hurricane Irma

A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) arrive to Clearwater Beach and begin their efforts to clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Cleanup Efforts in Clearwater Begin in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) are working all over Clearwater to assist in the cleanup efforts of the city.